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There are 40 state-funded universities and 2 international universities, and 1 private university in Australia. In addition, a number of other specialized higher education institutions operate throughout the country.

Located in the southern hemisphere,  Australia has different education periods from other countries. The starting months of universities in Australia are February and March; however, most of the universities enrol students mid-year in July and August, which coincide with the summer months in northern hemisphere countries.

Payments for universities are made at the beginning of each semester. If you are attending a university elsewhere, it is possible to transfer to a university in Australia to complete your Bachelor’s degree by applying.

Practical University Education

You can gain valuable skills and experience by choosing to study in Australia. Universities in Australia are known for their balance of practical skills and theory to improve your job prospects. A degree from an Australian university will make you attractive to potential employers in Australia and around the world.

Many degrees and professional courses from Universities in Australia also offer work experience programs and internships. With these workplace programs, you can gain hands-on industry experience and expand your professional network while studying.

Australian education institutions offer a wide range of student support services to help you adapt to your new life in Australia. Instructors are subject to stringent quality control and government accreditation regulations, so you can be assured of the best service. Universities have dedicated international student support centres, each offering practical advice and support on issues such as legal rights and job skills and offering opportunities to meet and socialize with other local and international students.

The ESOS Act (Education Services in Australia) agreement mandates by law to protect the rights of international students studying in Australia.

Student Visas

You must have a student visa to study in Australia. If you get a student visa, you have the right to study and work in Australia for the duration of your studies. To be able to apply for a visa, you must first have a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) document showing that you are enrolled in a higher education course in Australia. It is also important that you have made the necessary arrangements for your health insurance during your stay. The expert team at Spark Edu will assist you in all these matters.

After completing your study in Australia, you may also have the right to stay and work in Australia. For this, you can contact our contracted Registered Migration Agent. During your education, you can work up to 20 hours a week during the semester and full-time during the semester breaks.

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