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Diploma and certificate programs in Australia are attractive options for international students due to their affordable price, their quality and range of options to choose from. These certificate programs are the most applied for qualifications for international students after language programs.

A Certificate or Diploma Program can improve your chances to gain good employment because of their practical content and quality.    The leading certificate programs in Australian schools are delivered by VET (Vocational Education and Training) providers and TAFEs.  

Certificate and diploma programs in Australia take six, 12, 18 or 24 months to complete, depending on the program you take. With Certificate and Diploma programs, you can improve yourself by training in different areas such as:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Software Development
  • Project Management
  • International Trade
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Tourism and Travel

Certificate programs have many benefits. The first is that you can shorten your university education period through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for a Certificate. At the same time, educational institutions that provide certificate programs allow you to step into the business world quickly by offering internships while your education is continuing or right after you complete your education.

Depending on the education institution you are studying at, you can choose either daytime or evening tuition, you can pay the course fee on a semester basis or in monthly instalments. 

You can apply to both universities and colleges for certificate programs but getting accepted for your education from a College will be much faster than a University. The instructor that you will receive training from are usually people who are professionals in their field. You can also consider certificate programs as an alternative to undergraduate and postgraduate programs.  

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Spark-Edu delivers various services so that you can access quality Australian postgraduate programs easily and quickly. We have staff who know and understand migration, visa requirements, housing and various education options. We have links with universities, VET providers, schools and private institutions. Our people will help you at a personal level, gain the information and the access needed to study in Australia.

We understand international education and will be with you all the way.

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