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The decision to study abroad is one of the most important you will make in your life. It offers quality education and the opportunity to progress rapidly in your career. Our expert QEAC certified education consultants based in Australia will assist you in this process free of charge.

Spark Education

Reasons for Working With Us

1. We Listen to You

At the first stage, we make a preliminary assessment, considering your educational background, goals, lifestyle and hobbies.

2. Presenting Your Options

After our preliminary evaluation of your needs, we prepare the most suitable school, university and location options for you.

3. Decision Phase

After we discuss your preferences, we begin the process of finding you the most suitable course and college.

4. Certificate of Enrolment (CoE)

During the application, we follow all correspondence and paperwork closely to make sure that everything goes smoothly for you to obtain a CoE.

5. Close Contact with Every Stakeholder

We ensure your application gets the best care possible.

6. 100% Confidence at Every Step

Every step of your application is carefully monitored by our experienced consultants.

No Need To Worry!

We Are Ready To Help You!

You can start your education life in most cities in Australia by taking advantage of our consultancy services.

Up-to-Date Checklists

Not sure what documents you need for your application? Request our easy to follow document checklists from our education agents.

Letter Of Offer/CoE

Our qualified education agents will engage with your preferred education institution to obtain the Letter of Offer/CoE on your behalf.

Stress Free Process

Regardless of your situation we are here to help. Contact our education experts today!.


On the Ground Support

We provide 100% support from the start.

SparkEdu offers comprehensive support for students seeking education in Australia, with branches in Turkey and Australia for local and international assistance.

We provide economic opportunities like discounts and payment plans, and collaborate with top Australian education providers to find the best education program for you. Our services include career planning and personalized academic strategies.

SparkEdu aims to make high-quality education accessible worldwide and serves as a companion throughout your educational journey in Australia

Best regards,
Director of SparkEdu

Adam Kocoglu


Services of Spark-Edu

Choice of College

Education Recruitment

Special Services

Spark Edu employees have personally experienced the challenges of starting their education life in another country and are well prepared to support you in this process.

24/7 Support Line

After your arrival in Australia, we continue to be at your side with our 24/7 Support Line, which you can call in case of any urgent need.

Pre-Training Orientation Support

Educational institutions in Australia organize orientation days before your education begins. Since you are new to Australia, Spark Edu provides orientation support for you by giving you the essential information before you begin your study.

Start-of-Life Seminars in Australia

We provide free seminars on the first Saturday of every month for all our students starting their education life in Australia. This is a good opportunity to make friends and solve any problems you may have.

Installing Your School Fee

If the college or university has a payment plan for fees, we negotiate a good deal for our students with the education provider.

Airport Welcome & Accommodation

We provide a free airport pick-up service and direct you to the appropriate institution If you start your education life in Western Australia, where our Australian office is located.

Fast Tuition Refund

A student visa rejection application is something we don’t want to encounter. If this happens, we contact your school as quickly as possible and initiate the process for the refund of your tuition fee.


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Sezer G.

My journey to studying in Sydney would have been impossible without SparkEdu. Adam and Gülcan were phenomenal in helping me understand the complexities of the application process. They meticulously reviewed my paperwork, leaving no room for error. Their dedication to student success is unmatched. Thank you, SparkEdu!

Khushbu K.

The application I made with the previous agency I worked with was rejected by the consulate. After meeting with Spark-Edu, they shared with me the process that I should follow, down to the very last detail. I am currently attending my second semester in Melbourne. Thanks to Adam and Kenley for their help!

Bengi S.

I can’t thank Spark-Edu enough for their support in the study abroad process. It was a source of reassurance to me that they did not proceed without making sure that all l the documents in my application were completed and that they had the most up-to-date information about Australia. I wish Adam and his team continued success.

Claudia R.

The moment I walked into SparkEdu, I knew I was in the right place. Kenley took the time to go over all the Australian education options that would suit my career goals. Within a month, my application was approved, and I'm now attending my course at UWA. Exceptional service from an exceptional team!

Ulaş G.

From my first consultation to receiving my CoE, SparkEdu has been an invaluable resource. Gülcan provided insightful guidance on selecting the perfect course, and Adam made sure my application was impeccable. They even kept me updated on the latest scholarship opportunities. I'm now happily enrolled at Murdoch University, and it's all thanks to them!

Berk C.

I met Mr Kocoglu before the end of my language course in Australia. In just three weeks, he completed my registration documents and other procedures for ECU, where I am now studying, and ensured that my visa application was submitted on time. I am truly grateful to him and his team for their professional advice and knowledge.