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Australia is one of the best places in the world to study English. The country is clean and affordable with high quality education and service standards which are well regarded internationally.

With an economy that is strong and growing, you can cover your expenses by working and studying at the same time in most Australian cities. 

English is the first language in Australia so not only do you experience a friendly classroom environment where you discuss topics critically, but when you leave the classroom, you get to practise what you have learned in the workplace or social settings. This has been proven to   be the best way to learn a new language.

This, in turn, helps you develop confidence in the language and your problem-solving ability.

To maintain high quality standards for education in Australia, the Australian government inspects language schools, colleges and universities through authorized bodies. Institutions that do not comply with the high standards are kept under control with deterrent penalties and sometimes closure.

All these English schools in Australia follow policies that respect the rights of students.


There are many reasons why you should study English in Australia.

One of the most best reasons to study in Australia is that there is a shortage of workers and students can get a part-time work permit while they study. As of 2022, hourly wages for part-time jobs start at AUD $21. Students, who have the right to work 20 hours a week, can meet most of their accommodation and food expenses with their own money.

It is quite easy for students to find a job in Australia, where you can learn on the job in retail, hospitality.

Tips to help you find a job include:

All employees will ask to see your CV (or Resume) in English before they hire you, so the first thing you must do is write a CV with your contact details and your study and work experience.

In your job applications, focus on the areas where you are experienced and detail your education with certificates you have obtained.

Some businesses may want to test you with a trial period before hiring. In this process, your criteria are evaluated in many aspects such as discipline, cleanliness, and order.

You can apply to local job search sites such as that will make it easier for you to find a job.

Social media like Facebook also have Job opportunity pages.

In Australia, higher population cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, are generally preferred for education. It is easy to find a job and also reach the language schools using public transport including bus and train.


It is easy to see that Australia has made a serious investment in teaching technology compared to other countries. The curriculum of all language schools in Australia has been prepared using the latest technology. The teaching staff in the schools consists of highly qualified and experienced teachers, many of whom have travelled the word and have experienced different lifestyles and cultures.

Every school in the country that complies with international quality standards offers effective course programs in preparation for exams such as:

  • IELTS 
  • PTE 
  • Cambridge FCE, CAE and BEC 


There are different accommodation options for those who want to take their language training in Australia. Accommodation options such as homestay, dormitory and shared homes allow you to take advantage of opportunities that fit your budget.

Among these accommodation options, the most preferred option to begin with is homestay accommodation. Homestay accommodation makes it easier for students to adapt to a new life and helps them to gain information about the culture of the place they are staying by living with other people.

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Spark-Edu delivers a variety of services so that you can access quality Australian English programs easily and quickly. We have staff who know and understand migration, visa requirements, housing, and education options. We have links with universities, VET providers, schools, and private institutions. Our people, who have gone through the process of study abroad, will help you at a personal level, gain the information and the access needed to study in Australia.

We understand international education and will be with you all the way.

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