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Australia is home to about 500,000 international students and is seen as one of the best postgraduate study destinations because of the safe environment, the quality education and the job and migration prospects.

Students seeking a Master’s degree in Australia have two main options – a Masters by Research or by Coursework options.

A Masters by Research is the preferred option for students who want to gain an in-depth, specialised knowledge in a specific area and learn research methodologies. Masters by Research involves developing students’ expertise and evaluating various research methodologies with a view to gaining a PhD. A Masters by Research postgraduate course offers the opportunity to study under the guidance of experts and complete your thesis based on an independent research project.

A research masters is a platform for a career in academia but organizations such as the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), the Defence Force, Government Departments and the Cooperative Research Centre (CRCs) often employ international students with research qualifications.

A Master by Coursework, on the other hand, is a program developed for students who want to become an expert in a specific area before entering a professional career.

A coursework masters is delivered through classes and can be anything from Engineering to Marketing. There are many coursework masters programs to choose from.

Students who are considering a master’s degree in Australia, but whose English is not sufficient, can enrol by adding a language program their master’s education in the form of a language schools package. Thus, students can first complete their foreign language education in Australia, and then start their graduate education.

Completing your Master’s degree in Australia enhances your professional identity internationally and offers you the opportunity to work in some of the best know companies in the world.

Work While You Study

Another advantage of a master’s degree in Australia is that you can work while you study. As a graduate student, you can work by choosing different job options to gain work experience and cover additional costs. This experience will help you explore the country, mingle with locals and other students, and also improve your English.

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Spark-Edu delivers various services so that you can access quality Australian postgraduate programs easily and quickly. We have staff who are Masters qualified and who know and understand migration, visa requirements, housing and various education options. We have links with universities, VET providers, schools and private institutions. Our people will help you at a personal level, gain the information and the access needed to study in Australia.

We understand international education and will be with you all the way.

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